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"H3 stands for the manifestation of hip hop in all of its various forms. Practically, H3 will throw events, support individual artists, endorse causes, and participate in any medium that propagates hip hop as a culture and art-form. H3 is the physical instantiation of hip hop and lives through the creative efforts of its individual members working together towards common goals. H3 creates hip hop – we live hip hop – we are hip hop."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


When: Thurs, June 24, 9pm
Where: Suba Lounge, 292 College Street

This event is strictly for the dance heads; we're calling out all the hip hoppers, b-boys, b-girls, housers, crumpers, jukers, poppers, lockers etc...

Stardance is a new monthly that unites all styles of music and dance under one common cause. This is THE event to come out and rock your style on the dance floor. Whether you're in a crew or solo, this is the time and place to bust out your skills and represent. The floor is open to whoever can rock it. Come and show off your style, network, learn, share and be part of a new community. We'll be playing everything under the sun just like the greats do it from hip hop, disco, funk, soul, electro, house, bmore + more.

We are also taking donations of canned food, clothing, toys, electronics, etc. to give to people in third world countries! So come out and enjoy great music, donate something to poor communities, get down and rock the night away.

Featruing special guest DJ Franco De Leon from Chicago!

In Chicago, Franco de Leon is a regular feature of the nightclub scene, with several select shows a month. He can be found at some of the highest profile venues, and/or simply the hippest places to be: from parties in the uber-hip Wicker Park Area, to Chicago nightlife staples like Wrigleyville’s Smart Bar, to the new, super posh, live venues, like The Shrine in the burgeoning South Loop. Besides his reputation as a pheonomenal DJ (impeccable blending technique, superb crowd reading, interesting and appealing track selection, as well as great stage presence), its also common to see de Leon playing live guitar over his mixes, remixing music on the fly, and breaking the barriers of genre. He has opened for international stars like DJ Qbert (the pioneer of turntablism, who has twice requested to play tag team sets with de Leon in the last eight months), Derrick Carter (a Chicago house legend), and Rhymefest (Grammy Award Winner).


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Hip Hop Headz (H3)

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