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"H3 stands for the manifestation of hip hop in all of its various forms. Practically, H3 will throw events, support individual artists, endorse causes, and participate in any medium that propagates hip hop as a culture and art-form. H3 is the physical instantiation of hip hop and lives through the creative efforts of its individual members working together towards common goals. H3 creates hip hop – we live hip hop – we are hip hop."

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Album: Mike Briz and Eastgate - "X​-​Samples Of Life"

Some of you may remember a video we recently posted from this rap duo ("Calm Down"). Well, the Canadian rap duo has dropped a great new album entitled X-Samples of Life. The production throughout the entire album Pirate X (7Seas Studios) is banging, and the two emcees go in hard with intense flows and witty lyricism on every track. Listen and download the album for free! Support the art by spreading the word.

Frankie Payne - The Goal

Freedom Writers coming out with rapid offerings of heatery lately, take in the newest release from Frankie Payne. Vid directed by Big Sproxx.

"FP Association preservation is policy, a very important rule second to only honesty, Double Q rated that's Quality and Quantity, created in the basement like I grew it hydroponically". Following the success of the singles "Wake Up", "Arizona Bay" and "For The Change" the Freedom Writers are back at it again with their latest installment "The Goal." The spotlight here is on Toronto, veteran emcee Frankie Payne formally known as Jugganot as he lays down precise flows, street knowledge and a melodic hook which he describes as "Revolutionary Soul" creating the perfect blend of wisdom and grittiness.. In "The Goal" Frankie takes you on a lyrical journey backed by a two in one powerful, hypnotic composition courtesy of Freedom Writers comrade Big Sproxx who also directed and edited the video. Whether you're working a 9 to 5 or the block, trying to get out debt or jail, WE ALL WANT FREEDOM. In a perfect world we are all free from physical, finical, mental and spiritual oppression, but in this world freedom is "The Goal".

THEO3 - Away

Punchline-tastic new video for "Away" from Theo's Elevator Up mixtape (mixed by Tony Touch). Produced and directed by Big Sproxx.


Hip Hop Emcees are notorious for crafting mind blowing punch lines that whip the crowd into a frenzy similar to a fast break slam dunk on the hardcourt or a bone jarring hit in between the white lines. A punch line provides momentum, motivates the masses and reigns as a quotable to be compared and analyzed for years to come. The requisite "Ohhhh's" and squinched up facial expressions after the bomb drops are hallmarks of the highly intelligent and discerning Hip Hop audience. Emcees who can deliver wave after wave of devastating wordplay take pride in the ability to 'next level' a song, acapella or live performance.

Critically acclaimed Toronto Hip Hop artist THEO3 has long been known for his potent punch lines and exciting, energetic delivery. Rocking live crowds across Canada and blazing live radio sessions such as the 2010 Halftime 12th anniversary show with powerhouse NYC DJ Eclipse and a host of reputable rhymers (Rhymefest, Sadat X, Homeboy Sandman and Tona to name a few), THEO3 lives for the perfect balance of whyle out reactions and awe inducing flows. In this Brand New video "AWAY" produced and directed by Big Sproxx of the Freedom Writers (www.FreedomWritersMusic.com) THEO3 weaves in and out of this hypnotic head banging beat with deft precision and pin point accuracy. Available on the recently released ELEVATOR UP mix cd hosted and mixed by the incomparable DJ Tony Touch (Shade 45, 50 Emcees), "AWAY" is 3 minutes of straight punch line madness! Grab the full CD at www.THEOLOGY3.com and enjoy the ride...

"The FREEDOM WRITERS" are a Toronto based collective featuring some of Canada's most dangerous Emcees. Tona, Adam Bomb, Progress, Frankie Payne and Theo3 fill out the all star roster alongside multi talented producer and video director Big Sproxx. Stay tuned for a barrage of original songs and videos in preparation for the highly anticipated FREEDOM WRITERS debut album later this year. Can't stop, won't stop!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tona - Vietkwam

Big Tone from the Freedom Writer's collective setting it off with his latest release, "Vietkwam" (Kwame is Tona's African name), a dub over the "Closed Chapter" instrumental by Black Milk. The first line sets the lyrical tone for the kind of verse you're about to listen to: "I got poutine dreams of getting cheese until everything is gravy..." Video by Big Sproxx.

"In preparation for my upcoming Mixtape "Reform School" mixed by world renowned Dj Wristpect scheduled for a February release, here is some new video work I call "Vietkwam" The title comes from my African name "Kwame" and the everyday war I articulate in the lyrics using Vietnam as a metaphor for it.
Do not cheat yourself and watch the video in anything less than HD Quality. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Track: ELMNT - 4A Way feat. Slakah the Beatchild (prod. FS Green)

Smooth new track by Toronto MC ELMNT (Element), featuring the soulful vocals of Slakah the Beatchild. On some love-storytelling vibes, nice flows and rhymes by El, groovy beat by FS Green.

ELMNT - 4A Way Feat. Slakah the Beatchild (prod. FS Green) by ELMNT

THE CYPHER feat. royceBIRTH and FenaxiZ - Jan. 18, 2012

FB LINK: http://www.facebook.com/events/167902423318028/

WHEN: Weds. Jan 18, 2012, doors at 9:30pm

WHERE: Augusta House (152 Augusta Ave., Toronto)

Yes yes, ya'll...THE CYPHER crew is keeping it moving for 2012 and beyond!

To set off the year, we're proud to be featuring two talented artists who have been grinding on the scene for several years: 

royceBIRTH and FenaxiZ

Blending dirty soul-driven production with razor-sharp lyrics, royceBIRTH and FenaxiZ comprise the rap duo Chain City. For eight years, these two have been contributing their own distinct brand of beats, rhymes, and life to Toronto's underground Hip-Hop scene, but as individual artists with their own respective solo careers.

royceBIRTH would make a name for himself providing hard-hitting gritty soundscapes for several of the city's top-notch rhymers while FenaxiZ became known amongst rap connoisseurs for authoring introspective, intricate, and poetic verses. Friends since their high school years, Royce Birth and FenaxiZ would often collaborate on eachother's projects so it was only natural that they would eventually get together for a Chain City EP.

When asked about the group name, FenaxiZ explains, "It's often said that a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, so we keep that saying in mind when we work. It pushes each of us to come as hard as we possibly can and give it our best." Royce adds, "We also realized that everyone in the industry is connected to eachother. If you've heard about the 6-degrees of separation rule, that number becomes even smaller when applied to the Canadian Hip-Hop industry so we want everyone involved in this scene to recognize that fact and work together towards putting our art out there as a whole."

The Chain City EP is set to drop this year and will feature the single "Ah Yeah" as well as "Substance (feat. MC FÜBB)" and "Born & Raised." And if this project isn't enough to satisfy the heads out there, 2012 will also see the release of Royce Birth's "Cassette" and FenaxiZ' "Vintage" solo albums.


MCs spit their best 16's, competing to win cash.

-$10 entry fee for each competitor (winner takes all)
-Each artist performs their best verses over random instrumentals
-Whichever MC's verse is judged to be the best will win! -Competitors who want to participate must sign up at the event no later than 11pm. - Winner also gets to defend their title (no entry fee) at the next cypher!

Hosted by:

MC FÜBB - http://www.mcfubb.com/

Featured DJ:

DJ Xplisit - http://www.djxplisit.com/ (Toronto' craziest beatboxing DJ)

Resident Photographer:

Slick Nick - http://www.telescaphoto.com/


Pay $20 and get a Cypher T-shirt with admission!

Any artist that shows up will get mic time - GUARANTEED!


OFFICIAL PROMO VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnDLuuf1dX0

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.thecypher.ca/

Hip Hop culture manifests through the creative self-expression of individuals who embody its spirit in their respective art forms. This power of spontaneous creativity, the unification of a community for the great purpose that is Hip Hop, happens at The Cypher.

Artists sign up to take part in group performances called cyphers, in which each performer takes a few minutes on the mic and then passes it on to the next performer. All performances occur over music supplied by a live DJ, beat boxer, or producer. There are also a few spots at The Cypher reserved for featured artists to perform their own sets.

The Cypher is a grassroots hip hop event started by MC FÜBB and the Hip Hop Headz (H3) community in downtown Toronto in the summer of 2009. The Cypher is an event where hip hop MCs, DJs, producers, and other artists from around the world come to meet and showcase their talents and skills, and gives them an opportunity to network and create business opportunities. The Cypher is an event designed to keep alive the spirit of spontaneous creativity and showmanship that can occur only in hip hop. The Cypher is an opportunity for various members of the hip hop community to perform, network, build community and have fun.

For all inquiries, please contact: info@thecypher.ca

Brought to you by:
Hip Hop Headz - http://www.theh3.com/
MC FÜBB - http://www.mcfubb.com/
The Cypher App (Swipelab) http://www.thecypherapp.com/
The Bigger Than Hip Hop Show (BTHH) - http://bthhradio.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FREE ALBUM! The Antiheroes - This is freeDUMB

The Antiheroes have done the unthinkable, the unfathomable, the absolutely insane! - OK, I might be getting a bit overly worked up about it. Sha and Flex have re-released their debut album, This is freeDUMB, for free! Given this fact, this album is a MUST HAVE. It's a certifiably dope album, read a review of it here: http://mcfubb.blogspot.com/2011/10/album-review-antiheroes-this-is.html

Free download HEREhttp://theantiheroes.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-freedumb

Read more about the release here:

We understand that times are changing. In order to succeed in any market these days, you must adapt. I guess you can say your first project is looked at as a resume of sorts, which is why we have decided to give you our debut LP for free. In a time where music is disposable, we wanted to produce something memorable. Something with staying power. We definitely feel that we achieved that goal.

We faced many ups and downs while recording this project, including talks of hanging it up and passively letting music fall into the monotonous hole that seems to grow bigger every day. Most of these talks stemmed from us being so passionate about what we put into this record. We knew the chance of it being slept on and looked over among all the top 40, bubblegum music that dominates this industry was high. It is a justified fear, but not one that we felt should stop the process. You know what they say: how can you win if you never try? We pushed. We felt it needed to be heard. There is so much to be said about this album and I hope each of you walks away with something that you relate to. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about connecting. I’m not sure at what point up-and-coming artists felt it was ok to put themselves on a pedestal and not be relatable. We are all in this together ─ either chasing dreams, working thankless jobs, or just trying to find a purpose and truly live for something. We want to thank all of you who purchased the physical album or picked it up on itunes or other digital outlets. We appreciate the love. There is no greater feeling than looking out at a show and seeing people who truly believe in what you are doing. We can only hope you understand how much we bleed for this music; and if you don’t, we hope this will help you see.


-The Antiheroes.

Music Video: Notes to Self - All of the Above [BBRC]

More quality product from Notes to Self with this new video for "All of the Above." Excellent production (as per usual) from Book and Bronze, dope verses all around - all around great hip hop track and tribute to rap music. The video is...well, it kind of makes you not want to fuck with these guys. Seriously, not sure what the message here is, but here's one interpretation: dope, raw, rugged rap group surviving in the cold, harsh wasteland that is the Music Industry + Hip Hop Scene in general. New NTS project, Used to be Dark (Recoil) coming at the end of the month!

Feeling like Frontiersman, we grew our beards and arrived in Mactier at 7:30pm. Cold as f*ck. 4 hour drive North. Pitch black outside. Cabin smelled like pine and rosé. Dropped our bags, chose our beds, Bronze took the air mattress. Half hour till the NBA Dunk-Off. Donk was geeked. Flat screen, satellite, middle-of-nowhere. Heats on. Lee is lit. Drunk off Timbits. Blake Griffin jumps over a car. Here to shoot a music video.

Eric suggested we charge the equipment. Didn't knock on wood. Inexcusable in a cabin. Power went out. Cold as f*ck. Pitch black inside. Cabin smelled like weed and sulfur. Dropped our plans, went to bed, Bronze froze on the air mattress. 5 hours till daylight. Rosh is lit. Left-over Timbits for breakfast. Last night Blake Griffin jumped over a car. Here to shoot a music video, with Ben to direct. A take on raps pioneers, we planned to wear fur.

The events that followed were captured on camera; 'All of the Above' took place. This is a true story. *No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

- Notes to Self

Artist: Notes to Self
Song: All of the Above [BBRC]
Produced by Bronze One (of Notes to Self) for Course of Study & Book (of Beatface) for Jigsaaw
*AKA BOOK & BRONZE for Heart on Sleeve
Raps by Roshin, Swamp Donkey & Bronze One (all of NTS)
Cuts by DJ Dopey (of NTS)

Directed & Edited by Benjamin Young Hart for greenwoodyard.com
Concept by Benjamin & Matthew 
Cinematography shot by Eric Boucher
Assistant to the Director: Lee Gaul
Online by JR for Motioneer.ca

Drawing by Adrian Forrow (adrianforrow.com)
Graphics & Treatment by Course of Study Creative & Peekay Art Dept.

From the forthcoming Notes to Self project "Used to be Dark [RECOIL]"


Monday, January 9, 2012

THE CYPHER - Highlight Video from Holiday Edition

Peep this great highlight video from the Holiday Edition of The Cypher (Dec. 2011), filmed and edited by Neil Austen. Featuring featured acts Fresh Kils, Relic, Sy-Fi + Symmetry, DJ Xplisit and slew of other dope artists.
Take it the essence of this raw hip hop:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Teaser Video: Notes to Self - All of the Above

Big tings coming soon from Notes To Self (NTS):

Notes to Self starts the new year off right with a teaser for their brand new video "All of the Above [BBRC]," which drops next week.  Notes to Self member and former world DMC Champion DJ Dopey provides the live juggle.  The "All of the Above [BBRC]" OFFICIAL VIDEO will mark the third visual from Notes' upcoming project "Used to be Dark [Recoil]" which will be released at the end of the month.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tona - New Year (feat. Torae & Eternia) Produced by Lyve

New music from Big Tona featuring Torae and Eternia (produced by Lyve). Big tune to start off the new years! Cheers! Love the use of the Bill O'Reilly clip at the beginning...

2011: Year Of The Audible Doctor Remix (Instrumentals)

Recently became aware of a ridiculously talented producer from Madison, Wisconsin called The Audible Doctor from a crew called The Brown Bag AllStars. Just before the new year, he put out this great project that showcases some of his incredible production. The first half of the tracks are instrumentals, the rest are remixes of songs. Safe to say that all of them are DOPE. Take this is in, and buy the 20 track compilation for just $7 if you're feeling it!