Mission Statement

"H3 stands for the manifestation of hip hop in all of its various forms. Practically, H3 will throw events, support individual artists, endorse causes, and participate in any medium that propagates hip hop as a culture and art-form. H3 is the physical instantiation of hip hop and lives through the creative efforts of its individual members working together towards common goals. H3 creates hip hop – we live hip hop – we are hip hop."

Friday, April 20, 2012

J Shiltz - - Up High (Prod. by Royce Birth)

New trizzack from J Shiltz for 4:20, "Up High" produced by royceBirth.

J Shiltz and Royce Birth release their second official collaboration, "Up High".  Shiltz holds down the rhymes while Royce goes in on the beat and the result is a banger that it sure to make your 4:20 significantly harder to remember, so sit back, relax, and smoke something to this one...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Guapo of the Saints - McGillmatic

Received a submission from a rapper from Toronto, currently based in Montreal, named Guapo. Took in this first single, "Devil's of the Night feat. Seth Zara" off of his album/mixtape, McGillmatic. He's got a good vocal tone, flow, intonations, and cadences to his raps. Here's the video:

If you're feeling that, here's the link to the entire project: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8pngk99cdexbwsh

Mazaman - Addict

Mazaman keeps on killin 'em, this time dropping a video + track schooling the listener on the art of hip hop music production. Check it:

Friday, April 6, 2012

FenaxiZ - Empty Bottle

New video from H3 family FenaxiZ for his single, "Empty Bottle," which will be on his upcoming album, Vintage. Produced by DJ Incise. Check out the candid introspective realness:

With the release of "Empty Bottle," FenaxiZ turns inward to reveal a candid glimpse of his mindstate under the influence of alcohol. From disloyal friends to the music industry, the Toronto rapper vents his frustrations as he finds himself chained in a dungeon and handcuffed to the very same bottle of whisky that lets loose his inhibitions. "Empty Bottle" is the second official music video off the upcoming FenaxiZ album Vintage and is produced by DJ Incise. 

Directed & Edited by Francisco "Birdo" Fuentes (www.birdoproductions.com)



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MC FÜBB - Fluff (prod. by MMAC)

H3 founder MC FÜBB dropping his first single off of his upcoming EP, the poet. Production by MMAC. Burning the fluff rappers!

Wordburglar - Rhyme O'Clock feat. More or Les

Another funny Canadian hip hop music video, courtesy of Wordburglar feat. More or Les. Fresh Kils on production, Uncle Fester on the cuts. Who says hip hop can't be FUN?

Ghettosocks - Invincible (feat. El Da Sensei)

Peep the jokes new video from Ghettosocks featuring El Da Sensei. Transformer fans will love this one. Dope production from the homie Fresh Kils.

The Audible Doctor - Success (Part 1) Feat. Chaundon

Dope new chune from The Audible Doctor feat. Chaundon. A relate-able track for all artists on their grind and aiming for success. Produced by Audible Doctor with cuts by DJ Brace, this song will be on Audible Doctor's upcoming EP, "I Think That..."