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"H3 stands for the manifestation of hip hop in all of its various forms. Practically, H3 will throw events, support individual artists, endorse causes, and participate in any medium that propagates hip hop as a culture and art-form. H3 is the physical instantiation of hip hop and lives through the creative efforts of its individual members working together towards common goals. H3 creates hip hop – we live hip hop – we are hip hop."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


FB EVENT LINK: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=170677576276112

WHEN: Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010, 3pm - 7pm
WHERE: Kensington Market (Pedestrian Sunday), 169 Augusta Avenue

This one is for all the MCs/artists and dancers (breakers or otherwise) out there...

Two awesome H3 events will be combined into one, outdoors on the streets of Kensington Market during Pedestrian Sunday! Come out, Spit it Out, Rock the floor, or just watch and be a part of that REAL HIP HOP!


FREE Tricks & Treats!

Peace Quest:

Don't forget to bring donations to this event!!! We are taking donations of canned food, clothing, toys, electronics, books etc. for Peace Quest, an organization that sends much needed supplies to people in third world countries. Join the Quest!

Star * Dance:

This event is for the dance heads; we're calling out all the hip hoppers, b-boys, b-girls, housers, crumpers, jukers, poppers, lockers etc...

Stardance is a new monthly that unites all styles of music and dance under one common cause. This is THE event to come out and rock your style on the dance floor. Whether you're in a crew or solo, this is the time and place to bust out your skills and represent. The floor (i.e. cardboard/linoleum) is open to whoever can rock it. Come and show off your style, network, learn, share and be part of a new community. Stardance is the perfect place for dancers of all genres, and of all skill levels, to practice, show off their skills, get feedback, and build connections in the community.

The Cypher:

Hip Hop culture manifests through the creative self-expression of individuals who embody its spirit in their respective art forms. This power of spontaneous creativity, the unification of a community for the great purpose that is Hip Hop, happens at The Cypher...

The Cypher is a grassroots hip hop event started by MC FÜBB, DJ Combo and the Hip Hop Headz (H3) community in downtown Toronto in the summer of 2009. The Cypher is an event where hip hop MCs, DJs, producers, and other artists from around the city come to meet and showcase their talents and skills, and gives them an opportunity to network and create business opportunities. The Cypher is an event designed to keep alive the spirit of spontaneous creativity and showmanship that can occur only in hip hop. The Cypher is an opportunity for various members of the hip hop community to perform, network, build community and have fun.


Hosted By: MC FÜBB

Music By: DJ COMBO!

Brought to you by:
Hip Hop Headz (H3) - http://hiphoph3.blogspot.com/
Peace Quest - http://peace-quest.org/

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