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"H3 stands for the manifestation of hip hop in all of its various forms. Practically, H3 will throw events, support individual artists, endorse causes, and participate in any medium that propagates hip hop as a culture and art-form. H3 is the physical instantiation of hip hop and lives through the creative efforts of its individual members working together towards common goals. H3 creates hip hop – we live hip hop – we are hip hop."

Monday, November 15, 2010


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2 Time Stylus DJ Awards Underground DJ Of The Year (2007 & 2009)
1998 ITF Western Hemisphere Team Champions (Turnstylez Crew)
1995 Zulu Nation Toronto Champ

Canadian DJ and a member of the Turnstylez Crew. DJ Grouch has a huge resume and credibility to his name. A battle tested DJ with various titles behind him, he continues to influence the DJ and Canadian hip hop community. He has worked with every major Canadian urban artist and internationl hip hop stars as well. With his precision sharp DJ cuts and party rocking skills. DJ Grouch is a legend...

On the beatbox:

2008 Scribble Jam Beatbox Champion! If you don't know about Scott Jackson yet, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? Scott is a staple of GTA hip hop and one of the illest, most versatile beatboxers in the world. During a live performance in which Scott shared the stage with hip hop legend KRS-ONE, KRS acknowledged him by rapping "You are a real hip hopper." 'Nuff said.

On the mic:

Hailing from Oshawa/Durham Region, Sha Prince exploded onto the hip hop scene with the release of his "Life Struggles" mixtape in 2008. Followed up quickly by the release of his much acclaimed "Visible Concepts" mixtape in 2009, Sha has been putting in work and quickly developing a name for himself, showing and proving at numerous shows in Southern Ontario. Collaborating with numerous artists such as Daxflow and D-sisive, his skills and reputation have been rapidly improving. Recently forming the new group "Anti-Heroes" with 9-0-nickel artist Flex and releasing the single + music video for "Circus Clowns," the duo are currently working on an album together. Keep your eyes and ears open for Sha Prince, representing REAL HIP HOP!

On the MPC/Live Production:

Seen around the city with his MPC under his arm, Sporatic_Rolx is a straight hip hop head. Owner BluBin Productions and Sporatic Records, Sporatic_Rolx has the expressed mandate of "Slice'n & Loop'n up the Rawest samples Heard By Man." Live producer, beatboxer, hip hop street promoter/worker, and member of the Hip Hop Headz (H3) community, Sporatic_Rolx brings hip hop with him wherever he goes and represents the culture to the fullest.

Hosted by: MC FÜBB
Resident DJ: DJ COMBO! x DJ ROMEO!


Any artist that shows up will get mic time - GUARANTEED!

-------->T-Shirts are in this month! Only $15!

Cover: $5 before 11:30pm, $10 after.

Also accepting donations (food, clothing, school supplies, toys, money) for PEACE QUEST:

For more information on THE CYPHER, check out info and join the official FB group:

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