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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

THE CYPHER - P-Plus x Faction



Striving for perfection is a futile battle and for DJ P-Plus, it's always been his ultimate goal. With his journey to achieve and prevail, DJ P-Plus has racked up numerous accolades including multiple DJ of the Year awards; land not one, but two regular commercial radio slots; and touring extensively across Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe and Japan. Through his experiences DJ P-Plus has established a reputation for being one of Canada's most multifaceted, crowd-pleasers.

It's no secret that the testament of DJ P-Plus' success comes from being a true music connoisseur. While some DJs focus on only one or two genres of music, he intentionally embraces all genres, from jazz to hip hop, reggae to rock and everything else in between. When he drops that needle and starts to spin, what you hear is not just a series of songs, but his ability to create a soundtrack for an experience you'll always remember.

As a resident DJ on Toronto's CHR-Rhythmic radio station, The New FLOW 93.5 FM, DJ P-Plus takes his listeners on a musical journey thru two mixshows, the Midday Mix during weekday afternoons, and then his second slot, the award-winning "The Real Frequency" show, where his extensive knowledge of hip-hop shines through. To broaden his international reach, he also throws down for an internet radio show called "Soul Intentions" on Globe-Radio.com.

This relentless work ethic and 12 years of experience has not gone unnoticed -- from television appearances on MuchMusic, BET and NBA XL, to numerous nominations and also awards. DJ P-Plus was awarded with Dap Entertainment's DJ of the Year and the Stylus Group's Underground DJ of the Year in 2008. As well as, "The Real Frequency" show was recognized as Now Magazine's Best Toronto Radio Show. In 2009, he won the prestigious award for Stylus Radio Mixshow DJ of the Year. Over the years, he's also earned the respect and acclaim from his musical peers, working with industry leaders such as Deborah Cox, KRS-One, EPMD, Beenie Man, Colin Munroe and Saukrates.

2009 was a rewarding year as DJ P-Plus launched his own company, known as P3 Entertainment. P3 not only focuses on artist development by working with clients such as buzz worthy rapper Drake and soul singer Melanie Fiona, but also brand management, consulting and DJ servicing. The company has already left a great impression on the music scene in Canada.

Whether it's on radio, club venues, on stage, or the corporate surroundings of galas and brand marketing initiatives, DJ P-Plus is unafraid to step outside the box and showcase his versatility in whatever outlet comes his way. DJ P-Plus shows that no matter where he is, he'll always have a passion for music in his heart and perfection on his mind.

"The endless pursuit of perfection is the road I travel and will achieve. I do what I do because it motivates me to attempt the impossible." -DJ P-Plus

Featured Perfomers:


Emerging from solo artists, Chief 4syt, Primordial and former members conceived the idea of a versatile group of emcees that would work as a team, & as individual artists.Within Faction, studying various ways to play on words, and the multiple variations of themes created the possibilities to fuse their conscious styles.After seeing the success of the first CD release, (Pulp Faction) It was clear that this was not going to be their last album.

Recruiting Julz Aka J White, as a featured artist at first, became a full member to fill in for affiliates later on. This was a crucial move that was key for the survival of Faction & their goal in performing and exposing this creative rap style to Toronto audiences citywide.

Networking day and night, one afternoon Primordial on the street seen the infamous Scratch Cat, vocal percussionist/beat box artist. After working on a few distinctive projects, over the months Faction recruited Scratch Cat to incorporated their stage shows & bring back that old school element, broadening the chances of being recognized.

Today the Faction has their eyes set on building a well known fan base. Discovering new ways to receive more exposure, developing a sound that is new and original, with positive messages for listeners to relate to.

They are a Faction of artists with unbeatable odds of reaching their goals individually, with aspirations of being signed by a major label and becoming internationally known...

Hosted by:
MC FÜBB http://www.mcfubb.com/

Resident DJs:
DJ COMBO! http://www.deejaycombo.com/
DJ ROMEO! http://www.therealdjromeo.com/

Resident Photographer:




For more information on THE CYPHER, check out info and join the official FB group:

Any artist that shows up will get mic time - GUARANTEED!

$5 before 11:30pm
Pay $20 and get a Cypher T-shirt.

Also accepting donations (food, clothing, school supplies, children's books, toys, money) for PEACE QUEST:

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Hip Hop Headz - http://www.theh3.com/
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