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Thursday, April 7, 2011

THE CYPHER feat. SMASH BROVAZ + Freestyle Competition

This month, we are introducing: THE CYPHER FREESTYLE COMPETITION
MCs show off their freestyle abilities, competing to win a monetary prize.
-$10 entry fee for each competitor (winner take all)
-Each artist gets a minute to freestyle over random words pulled out of a hat
-Whichever MC's freestyling is judged to be the best will win!
-Competitors who want to participate must sign up at the event no later than 11pm.
- Freestyle Champion goes on to defend their title next month for FREE.

Featured Producers: SMASH BROVAZ (Crook and Junia T)

Junia T, aka smash brova number two, can be found by the trail of sore necks and smiling faces. Wherever the crowd has been rendered powerless to a primal head nod, you’ll probably find junia, centre stage radiating with that cartoon grin as he conducts the unleashing of wave after wave of dopeness.
Since following up “the album” with his first solo offering, 2006’s“sample surgery”, junia t has been everywhere, collaborating with anyone willing, emerging as one of Toronto’s most skilled emcee/producers. All the while, he has become a regular on countless college radio shows, a sought after engineer, a staple at honour rebel’s “goodpeople party”, a host for the“good music party” by ear 2 much , and a ring leader for the burgeoning boombox saints series now running three years strong and packing rooms across the city. (see www.myspace.com/juniatof35 )

For Crook, formerly killa crook, the path forward required a detour.
after the release of the second installment of “CROOK ‘n CYPHA” (with western union deejay cypha), smash brova number one packed his bags and exiled to Australia seeking growth and knowledge amidst sand and sun. A year would pass before his return to the land of ‘saug’. With rhyme books tucked in the luggage, and a renewed hunger for the boom-bap burning in his chest, crook came home a changed man and has set about defining that new perspective while the button is set on record. (see www.myspace.com/killacrook)

Hosted by:
MC FÜBB http://www.mcfubb.com/

Resident DJs:
DJ COMBO! http://www.deejaycombo.com/
DJ ROMEO! http://www.therealdjromeo.com/

Resident Photographer:
Slick Nick http://www.telescaphoto.com/




For more information on THE CYPHER, check out info and join the official FB group:

Any artist that shows up will get mic time - GUARANTEED!

$5 before 11:30pm
Pay $20 and get a Cypher T-shirt with admission!

Also accepting donations (food, clothing, school supplies, children's books, toys, money) for PEACE QUEST:

Brought to you by:
Hip Hop Headz - http://www.theh3.com/
Peace Quest - http://www.peace-quest.org/
Flip Rock!
MC FÜBB - http://www.mcfubb.com/
Fusicology - http://www.fusicology.com/
Cyberkrib - http://www.thecyberkrib.com/

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