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Sunday, January 29, 2012

THEO3 - Away

Punchline-tastic new video for "Away" from Theo's Elevator Up mixtape (mixed by Tony Touch). Produced and directed by Big Sproxx.


Hip Hop Emcees are notorious for crafting mind blowing punch lines that whip the crowd into a frenzy similar to a fast break slam dunk on the hardcourt or a bone jarring hit in between the white lines. A punch line provides momentum, motivates the masses and reigns as a quotable to be compared and analyzed for years to come. The requisite "Ohhhh's" and squinched up facial expressions after the bomb drops are hallmarks of the highly intelligent and discerning Hip Hop audience. Emcees who can deliver wave after wave of devastating wordplay take pride in the ability to 'next level' a song, acapella or live performance.

Critically acclaimed Toronto Hip Hop artist THEO3 has long been known for his potent punch lines and exciting, energetic delivery. Rocking live crowds across Canada and blazing live radio sessions such as the 2010 Halftime 12th anniversary show with powerhouse NYC DJ Eclipse and a host of reputable rhymers (Rhymefest, Sadat X, Homeboy Sandman and Tona to name a few), THEO3 lives for the perfect balance of whyle out reactions and awe inducing flows. In this Brand New video "AWAY" produced and directed by Big Sproxx of the Freedom Writers (www.FreedomWritersMusic.com) THEO3 weaves in and out of this hypnotic head banging beat with deft precision and pin point accuracy. Available on the recently released ELEVATOR UP mix cd hosted and mixed by the incomparable DJ Tony Touch (Shade 45, 50 Emcees), "AWAY" is 3 minutes of straight punch line madness! Grab the full CD at www.THEOLOGY3.com and enjoy the ride...

"The FREEDOM WRITERS" are a Toronto based collective featuring some of Canada's most dangerous Emcees. Tona, Adam Bomb, Progress, Frankie Payne and Theo3 fill out the all star roster alongside multi talented producer and video director Big Sproxx. Stay tuned for a barrage of original songs and videos in preparation for the highly anticipated FREEDOM WRITERS debut album later this year. Can't stop, won't stop!

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