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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mazaman - Black Is

Inspirational track from Toronto-based emcee/producer Mazaman, with great visuals courtesy of Big Sproxx. Looking forward to hearing more from Mazaman. Take it in:

"And if we all close our eyes we see one thing... BLACK!"

Toronto ON,

Following his last single "Morning Breeze" Toronto based Producer/Emcee Mazaman is back at it again with his new single "Black Is".
Mazaman sheds light on his rendition of the word black while celebrating the history and legacies of the world's first people.

Directed and edited by Big Sproxx for Freedom Writers/Proletarian Music.

Free Download of "Black Is" @ http://www.mazaman.com/fr_music.cfm

Youtube = Mazamanhd
Facebook = Mazaman
Twitter = @mazamann
Bookings and inquiries = mazamanmusic@gmail.com
Video inquiries = sproxx16@gmail.com

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