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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Puzzle and Paradox - Take it Back

Puzzle and Paradox of The SARS Network just dropped this faux-vintage looking video (directed by Big Sproxx) for their single, "Take it Back." These fellas are coming with some hard raps, nice punchlines, and overall brick-solid-type flows on this one. Take it and, and take it back!

Track Download + Stream:

The SARS Network's Puzzle & Paradox both born & raised in Toronto and have been working on perfecting their album "Not Yet Rated"  for the past two years . In that time, they both have been actively working in the studio and have recorded over 30 songs to find the right fit.

In this video Puzzle and Paradox take you back to a time when Hip Hop music was real, when it was about the hardest sound, and about respect for the art form. Now a days, Hip Hop has been liquidated down to a cash grab of mindless, meaningless music.  "Take It Back" is a cry out for real Hip Hop to come back to its origin, in the street! 

This is the first single off of the album "Not Yet Rated" due for release March 17th, 2012. "Take It Back" is a "Hardcore Boom Bap" record that is bound to shake your speakers. Song Produced & video Directed by Toronto Underground Hip Hop Mastermind Big Sproxx of Proletarian Music.

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