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Friday, July 6, 2012

Album: Blackboltt - "Leader of the Opposition"

Came across a very high quality recent Canadian hip hop release: "Leader of the Oppostition" by Blackboltt. The whole album sounds very polished and professional (in large part due to mixing by Fresh Kils and Muneshine and mastering by Atomix Studios). Production throughout is very boombastic, in your face type of music (courtesy of Rich Kidd and Muneshine), which matches Blackboltt's overall sound and delivery. There are some great features on the album (Relic, Rich Kidd, and pHoenix Pagliacci, just to name a few). Blackboltt himself sounds very hungry and determined on this project. It'd be nice to hear him play around with his flows a bit more, and some of the hooks may be a bit obnoxious to the sensibilities of some listeners' ears. Regardless, this project is proper and definitely worth listening to and supporting.

How many thinkers are we here? How many leaders? How many creators? How many innovators?

In an era where imitation breeds success by way of commercialization - how many Canadian artists choose to go against the grain and deliver a powerful message about self-discovery (“Start With Why”), self-reliance (“Grind Over Matter”), but most prominently, self-actualization (“We Don’t Serve Saints”).

Blackboltt is a Calgary-born, Toronto-raised MC committed to creating a sound that’s not only uniquely, but proudly Canadian. Head-nodding basslines, catchy melodies, signature delivery, and conscious messages marinate on the the album which is also the soundtrack for the film of the same name from 1812 Entertainment’s Film Division.

Leader of the Opposition (LOTO) is the genesis of Blackboltt’s message of unity, solidarity and commitment to the hip-hop culture that has inspired many artists before him. In an industry which has spit out more Canadian talent than its digested, Blackboltt’s debut encourages listeners to answer their own questions about conformity, morality, aspirations, subjective reality, and the laws of attraction. Produced by two of Canada’s biggest hip-hop heavyweights: Muneshine and Rich Kidd; and engineered by studio legend Fresh Kils.

LOTO captures the sound of a generation unafraid to ask questions like why am I here? What is my purpose? And most importantly, where is my vote?


released 18 June 2012
Mixed by Fresh Kils
Co-Mixed by Muneshine
Recorded at Rumenal Records
Mastered at Atomix Studios
Artwork by Erica “EGR” Balon
Photography by Alex Schuldt
Graphic Design by Dany Gehshan
Management by 1812 Entertainment
Marketing by Chicken Creative

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