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Friday, September 28, 2012


Scarborough emcee F.E.L.N. just released his new album, SLPWLKR. If you like gritty, underground, raw hip hop music, then take in this album, and cop it at a price of your choosing. Gaze into the mind of a man dealing with his own breakdowns, breakthroughs, and triumph over his own demons...


This album is a culmination of experiences over the last two years, my feelings and reactions to situations that my chaotic life has been flung into. 

During the creation of this album, I had what I thought was everything - lost every part of it, and have been shown the way to regain it more effectively. 

This album is more than music to me, it is a two way journey. A lock and key, a gateway to my wants and needs, a window to my wins and losses, my highs and lows. 

Heartbreak to victory. Good times and bad. These are the tales of a man who lived his dreams and stuck to them when they became his nightmares. 

- F.E.L.N.

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