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Friday, October 21, 2011

Album Release: NewBreedMC - The Fresh Water Playlist

The highly anticipated debut EP by NewBreedMC, The Fresh Water Playlist, a follow-up to his Silent Slang Mixtape, has finally dropped. The album is produced exclusively by prolific beat-maker NTG (aka the Fresh Water Monster), with features from MC FÜBB, Roach Uno, SeAn Prominent, and Relic; this EP is off the hook! Take a listen and dive into the depths of the FRESH WATAH sound...and support that good hip hop music!

The Fresh Water Playlist   
What's more satisfying than fresh water when you're thirsty? NewBreedMC understands that and is back with his second release, The Fresh Water Playlist. Working exclusively with producer NTG Productions the Fresh Water Monster, NewBreedMC has created the musical equivalent of osmosis, inspired by the miraculous powers that water holds in all its characteristics. NewBreedMC and NTG provide a thirst quenching brand of freshness that is essential to the survival of the true essence of Hip Hop.  
The project includes hit singles Blue Lights and Rubix Cubez and features guest appearances from the likes of MC FÜBB, Roach Uno, SeAn Prominent, and Relic. The Fresh Water Playlist is nothing short of pure hydrations for all who seek refreshment.  

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