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Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Album: J-Live - S.P.T.A.

Take in the new, highly anticipated album from the incredibly talented, triple-threat MC/DJ/Producer J-Live, "S.P.T.A. - Said Person of That Ability":

Official Press Release:

J-Live "S.P.T.A. Said Person of That Ability (Pronounced Spitta)"

J-Live’s long awaited fifth full length album, “S.P.T.A.”, is now available on CD, vinyl and digitally. “S.P.T.A. Said Person of That Ability” (Pronounced Spitta) is the follow up to the Undivided Attention EP. This is the first full length project released from his own imprint Triple Threat Productions. The producer, deejay and emcee, approaches this project creatively as if he were a three man group rather than a solo artist. The cover art features illustration by Adam “Illus Wallenta and art direction by Collin Badger of Freshrr. The album features production by J-Live, RJD2, Nicolay, The Audible Doctor, Illastrate, Korede, Floyd The Locsmif, Marco Polo and Diamond D.
1 As I Start
2 From Scratch
3 The Authentic
4 Watch Sun Watch (feat. YC The Cynic)
5 How I Feel Pt. 3
6 The Me And You (feat. Anneice Cousin)
7 No Time To Waste
8 Pronounced Spitta
9 Life Comes In Threes (feat Rasheeda Ali)
10 Great Expectations
11 Poetry In Ertia (feat. John Robinson and Marq Spekt)
12 Home Or Away Remix
13 Half A Glass (feat. Lyric Jones)
Bonus CD "Undivided attention EP"
1 Home Or Away
2 The Way That I Rhyme (feat Boog brown)
3 How I Feel Pt. 1
4 Undivided Attention
5 Fitness (feat Homeboy Sandman)
6 Calculations (feat Oddy Gato)

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