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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Music Video: Notes to Self - Nobody feat. Evidence

Very creative idea and excellent editing job for the new Notes to Self video for "Nobody" featuring Evidence.  Sick track, nostalgic video. Nnnnnnnnnnnnotes to self!

Notes to Self returns with the second video from their upcoming project "Used to Dark [RECOIL]."  Notes and Ev hopped in the DeLorean and made a video with all their favourite rappers. You have to see it to believe it.

 --  Remember back back in the day when you had that 1 Homie who would video tape & record every rap video on TV, or every rap show on the radio? Fast forward 15 years, the Homie has a box of 30 or so VHS cassette tapes sittin dusty in a drawer with things like "Rap City", "Summer Jam", "The Box", "In Da Round" scrolled on the side of'em in some youthful hand styles fit for a wall or 2 - and you're like, I need to watch these, takes you back, rappin along with every word like it was yesterday. But you ain't mad raps evolved, cus you fuck with the new shit, cus back then "this was the new shit". You were at home thinking, "How can I rap like that?"

 Artist: Notes to Self
Song: Nobody with Evidence
Produced by Bronze One (of Notes to Self) for Course of Study & Bookworm (of Beatface)
*AKA BOOK & BRONZE for Heart on Sleeve

Directed by JR of Motioneer & Matthew Bronson
VFX by The Farm Team [Kyle Sim, Mike MacInnis, JR]
From the forthcoming Notes to Self project "Used to be Dark [RECOIL]".

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