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Friday, November 4, 2011

New Music Video: Notes to Self - Today (I Wanna)

New true-school hip hop dopeness from Notes to Self! Banging beat, lovely vocals by Lee Gaul, and dope verses from all MCs:

When the stars align and creativity is at its height, magic happens - believe it or not, it can also be predetermined.

Ever just borrow a camera and shoot a video for a joint that wasn't finished yet, solely off the goosebumps that those very first 16 bars gave you? And before that 16 is even written, that 16 is inspired by a beat that is made in 10 minutes while en route to the session waiting for that 16? Flipped in mere minutes from the energy a soulful voice a friend introduces to you only hours before? That same voice winding up on the hook because it was destined to, because you couldn't get that soulful voice out of your head? A feeling from a beat so powerful, that the same Dude that writes the first 16 to that beat, is also incredibly compelled to write a hook too, on the spot? Who's then convinced, that this is "thee" tune and writes his own 16, forcing the other to? Plays it for the only remaining Homie, who then loses his shit so much that he turns on the Organ, unintentionally finishing the joint together? Has that ever happened to you?

Well, it happened to us, Today.

Artist: Notes to Self

Song: Today [I Wanna] with Lee Gaul
Produced by Bronze One (of Notes to Self) for Course of Study & Bookworm (of Beatface)
AKA BOOK & BRONZE for Heart on Sleeve

Additional Vocals by Lee Gaul

Directed by Matthew Bronson
Edited by Gerrit Van Dyke
Shot by JR at Motioneer.ca
Additional Shots by James Donald

From the forthcoming Notes to Self project "Used to be Dark [RECOIL]".

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