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Saturday, June 2, 2012

SepTO - Nevera Evera

Check out SepTO's new for the first track off his Allergy Pills and Alcohol mixtape:

Sep is a seriously talented emcee. Unfortunately, as is often the case with emerging artists in big cities like Toronto, his music is being way too slept on! Check him out. Download his mixtape for free. Spread the word.

Here's some words from the artist himself:

"In short, it has been an amazing year. “Allergy Pills and Alcohol” was released on May 29th of 2011. The support and opportunities received since then have been a profound blessing to me. I appreciate you all so much. Me and my team now stand at a point of major transition. Its time to move forward from our past accomplishments and into a new era of success. For now, let’s mark this moment with the international release of Nevera Evera, the intro to AP&A and obvious crowd favourite. You can find it on iTunes. I intend on continuing to keep my city proud. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Support Appreciated.
See you in July…."

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