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Friday, June 15, 2012

THEO3 - "On the Go" feat. Frankie Payne (prod. by Tone Mason)

Toronto emcee THEO3 (aka Theology 3) just dropped his first single off his upcoming album, Airplane Over One Way Streets, which is scheduled to drop this summer. Soulful vocals by Frankie Payne on the hook, some celebratory-sounding, banging production from Tone Mason, and Theo3 sounding hungry, optimistic, and determined on this track.

You're listening to the Brand New buzz single "ON THE GO" off of Toronto Hip Hop heavyweight THEO3's upcoming album AIRPLANE OVER ONE WAY STREETS. The soulful, 'Life Music', inspirational anthem for progressive people in this unforgiving World boasts powerful vocals from fellow FREEDOM WRITERS collective stand out FRANKIE PAYNE. The gripping, Universally bangin production is provided by2 time Grammy nominees TONE MASON (Jay Z, 50 Cent, Game).
SHARE, COMMENT, RETWEET, POST as your FB status and NEXT WEEK cop "ON THE GO" directly from BANDCAMP and ITUNES!Be sure to visit the album blog at www.Airplaneover.wordpress.com and the website at www.THEOLOGY3.com
Check out the "ON THE GO" video within 2 weeks featuring cameos from FREEDOM WRITERSCAMP XWIO KDJ L'OQENZRICH KIDDPHAT TONYFRANZ THOMAS and more...

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