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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stoli DJ Cypher Series - 4-Man Turntablism Mix - "We Will Rock You"

What happens when you take some of the best hip hop DJs in Toronto - scratch that (no pun intended) - some of the best hip hop DJs in the world, and have them collaborate in a 4-man DJ cypher? You get absolute epic epicness (yeah, that's a word now). Big ups to DJ Grouch and D-Scratch of the Turnstylez Crew and Thera-P and Riccachet from the Sweet Touch Foundation. Just watch and listen:

While DJs play records and good DJs can mix them seamlessly for hours, turntablists deconstruct records, cutting, scratching, beat-juggling and cross-fading new sounds into new songs along the way. Taking its cue from hip hop, where emcees have been battling and collaborating in cyphers since the early days of freestyle, Stolichnaya is proud to drop the first of its brand new DJ Cypher series. Witness Toronto's DJ Grouch and D-Scratch of the legendary (world champion!) Turnstylez Crew and Thera-P and Riccachet from Sweet Touch Foundation join forces and produce a truly original composition worthy of the world's most original vodka. Like what you're hearing? Come back often for more innovative DJ Cypher mixes courtesy of Stoli.

Agency: Oxygen Design Agency, Director/Editor: Reza Dahya, DOP: James Hellyer, Producer: Rinku DasGupta.

Shot on location at Get Spun in Toronto, ON.

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